1. 在科技為本和資訊發達的社會裡一項強而有力的工具,能協助發展不同的能力;

2. 一個有效的溝通途徑;

3. 一個協助學習其他學科的工具;

4. 一種智力的鍛鍊和思考方式;

5. 一門能發展學生欣賞自然美的能力、處理不確定性和作出正確判斷的能力的學科。




In a knowledge-based information era driven by technology and creativity, students need knowledge and skills that could help them meet the dynamic challenges in the 21st century, and mathematics constitute an important share. Mathematics and its applications pervade all aspects of life in the modern world. Many of the developments and decisions made in industry and commerce, the provision of social and community services as well as government policy and planning etc., rely on the use of mathematics.

Mathematics is essential in the school curriculum of Hong Kong, as it is:
(a) a powerful means for developing various abilities in a technology-oriented and information-rich society;
(b) a powerful means of communication;
(c) a tool for studying other disciplines;
(d) an intellectual endeavour and a mode of thinking;
(e) a discipline, through which students can develop their ability to appreciate the beauty of nature, manage uncertainty and make sound judgements.

Mathematics education plays an active role in STEAM education, and supports the learning of other subjects. It contributes significantly to the whole-person development of students in primary and secondary schools, prepares them for multiple pathways to post-secondary education and future careers, and hence plays an important role in the Hong Kong school curriculum.