LWFSS English Language curriculum aims to nurture students to become lifelong learners, creative thinkers and collaborative team-players who can communicate in English in their academic and career pursuits in the future. We provide students with quality English Language education in and out of the classroom.


To prepare our students for the local HKDSE, our small English class sizes enable our teachers to cater for learner diversity and maximize students’potential.The after-school English Enhancement classes offer additional support with grammar,speaking and writing and allow our students to consolidate their English skills.The upcoming after-school IELTS training course opens a door to international opportunities for their tertiary education.


To provide a rich English-speaking environment, we have implemented inter-disciplinary collaborative teaching through Language Across the Curriculum (LAC). LAC allows collaboration between the English Language subject and other subjects,such as Mathematics and Science, in our junior secondary curriculum. English Reading Across the Curriculum (RAC) offers our students ample opportunities to read in English across different subjects in a structural and whole-school approach.


A variety of fun School-based activities to learn English outside of the classroom are organised by our Native English-speaking Teacher (NET) and our devoted team of English teachers on a regular basis. These opportunities include the Lung Kong English Radio Channel, Fun Time activities at recess, English morning assemblies, International Awareness Week, English Debate activities,English Drama Club and collective sharing on different school themes by our students. Additionally, we train our students to join various English competitions outside of school, such as Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and writing competitions,to enhance their English Language skills and to develop their confidence in the use of the language in their daily lives.


The English Zone offers a great vibe for students to mingle with their friends, the NET, and their teachers in English. Students can delve into the world of authentic English reading materials and English games in an informal,relaxed environment.They are able to experience learning English in different dimensions to unleash their potential.