Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal


This marks the first academic year following the return to normalcy after the pandemic, and my second year taking up principalship at Lung Kong World Federation School Limited Lau Wong Fat Secondary School. I am incredibly honoured to witness the evolution of this school as well as the growth of our students along with you.


In the past year, we have centred our efforts on two main objectives:

  1. To invigorate self-directed learning, boost passion for learning, and strive for continuous improvement;
  2. To build students’ moral character, develop their multiple intelligences, and promote a positive school culture.


In pursuit of this, we have organised a number of activities to further encourage self-initiated learning, plus a range of extra-curricular experiences to provide opportunities for students to apply what they have learnt.


In terms of our overall strategy, we have advocated for a “learning beyond the classroom” approach. By immersing students in various learning environments, they have been able to appreciate the diverse experiences of life and realise that we can learn from anything. Hence, their curiosity towards the world has been cultivated, further promoting their drive as self-driven learners. After stepping out of the classroom, we look further beyond, as students’ horizons are expanded through international exchange programmes, with locations ranging from the UK, France, and the USA, to Japan, Macau, and Mainland provinces. Over 230 students have joined the 26 exchange programmes we have organised so far in the past school year, enriching students' life experiences and providing clearer perspectives on their life planning.


On the academic front, we have pushed forward our “One Subject, One Competition” initiative. Every subject department encourages students to join competitions. This has deepened students’ understanding and application of their academic knowledge and fuelled their passion for learning. Results have been fruitful by far, with over 320 students winning awards from external competitions. Nonetheless, nothing makes us prouder than to see them learn valuable lessons about goal-setting, communication, and perseverance in face of difficulty.


Academically, we have endeavoured to broaden our students’ post-secondary pathways. In addition to the DSE examination, we have utilised extra resources to enrol students for various international exams, such as ICAS, ICQ, and IELTS, so that students will already possess some globally recognized qualifications before they graduate, in addition to practical experience handling public examinations. Through the patient care of teachers, quite a number of students achieved merit, credit or even distinction in the former Maths and Science examinations in the past school year. Their amazing results have exceeded our expectations. Moreover, we understand that our senior form students have been tirelessly preparing for their DSE examination. To support them on this journey, we have organised the “Strive for Excellence” tutorial classes, where top-notch tutors were invited to coach them, so that they may enter the universities they love. We are very pleased to say that 2 of our students have scored 30 points, and 14 have scored over 20 points in their DSE.


In this era of rapid technological advancement, it is crucial that our school's education aligns with societal progression. Therefore, we've dedicated ourselves towards the development of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) subjects. Through the STEAM curriculum, we have promoted interdisciplinary collaboration and shown students how knowledge from different fields is interconnected. We have partnered with external organisations and universities to conduct various STEAM activities, enabling students to grasp the latest tech trends and enhance their competitiveness and innovation. Under our teachers’ guidance, our students have excelled in local and international competitions. We have even had the honour of being invited by the University of Hong Kong and the Education Bureau to share our successful approaches with other schools.


“We take from society and give back to society.” We have converted community resources and affirmation into educational motivation, and shared our learnings and innovations with the community, energizing the Yau Tsim Mong district. This year, we've organised community events, including “Singing Contest @ Lung Kong”, “Joyful Yau Tsim Mong”, “Emerging Sports Day”, and “Community Bazaar (Campus Market)”. We even hosted the Chinese National Women's Volleyball Team for a memorable exchange and match. These activities have fostered a tighter bond between students and the community, enhanced their social responsibility, and encouraged them to give back to society.


We firmly believe that every student has their own strengths and highlights. In the coming year, we'll further discover and nurture student talents through the creation of the “Lung Kong Talent Bank” and “Student Growth Guide.” This will assist our students in understanding their interests and strengths, guiding them to face life positively, to find their own direction, and to realise their dreams.


In terms of curriculum, we will introduce “Brilliant Fridays” in the coming year, featuring different themed activities for each secondary level held every Friday in the afternoon, in hopes of cultivating diverse interests and holistic development. For instance, all Secondary 1 students will participate in uniform groups such as Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Cross, and Junior Police Call Leader Corps so that they may develop self-respect and a sense of belonging.


As for Secondary 2 and 3 students, they can choose from a series of extraordinary experiential activities covering different areas. These include AI Cloud Computing and UI/UX Design courses provided by Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, AR Augmented Reality and Game Production courses by Apple, the “STEAM @ Soybean Programme” in cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the “Uprising Five Chinese Classical Studies - Martial Arts Campus Programme” supported by the Education Bureau. There are also beneficial physical and artistic activities, diverse interest classes, Japanese classes, and cooking classes.


For senior form students, students will use this time to study their chosen Applied Learning Courses, such as Practical Psychology, Popular Music Production, and English Communication. Meanwhile, Secondary 6 students will have tutorial classes for various subjects to prepare for the DSE examinations. We believe that these arrangements will meet the different needs of students at each secondary level, enriching their learning and life experiences.


Our school is renowned for its humble ethos and disciplined students in the Yau Tsim Mong district. Upon this foundation, we hope to build a bigger stage for our students to shine. To achieve this end, we are in much need of the continuous support of parents and others towards our work. Let us join hands and work together to make Lung Kong World Federation School Limited Lau Wong Fat Secondary School an even better institution. Our greatest aspiration is for every student to stand on their own feet, become outstanding individuals, and contribute even more to our society and human progress.