The overarching aims of our curriculum are to foster creativity and imagination, develop musical skills and processes, cultivate the ability to appreciate music, and foster understanding of the context of music.


Our approach centers on student-led music conceptualisation and the development of generic skills, along with fostering positive values and attitudes. The curriculum content is designed with reference to the Curriculum Guide. Besides singing, instrumental performance, and music theory, we place a strong emphasis on enhancing students' abilities to listen to, evaluate, and create music. Teachers arrange cooperative group work or activities in the classroom. Through these initiatives, we aim to train students' communication and cooperation skills, while cultivating their good character.


In addition to regular music lessons, our school provides opportunities for students to access and learn music in diverse ways, enabling students to learn and experience music outside the classroom. Teachers encourage students to participate in music competitions and performances both inside and outside the school, such as the School Music Festival Competition, Christmas Party, Singing Competition, Music Sharing Activity, and Music Talent Performance. We hope that through participation in these activities, students will learn to cooperate, appreciate each other, express themselves, and build up their self-confidence.


In conclusion, our teachers strive to provide students with an appropriate music curriculum and a variety of music activities, tailored to students' characteristics and teachers' strengths. This approach deepens students' interest in music and arts, enriches their musical experiences and knowledge, fosters a love and enjoyment of music, and establishes music as a lifelong companion.