This Biology Curriculum serves as a continuation of the Science (S1–3) Curriculum and builds on the strength of the current Biology curricula. It will provide a range of balanced learning experiences so that students develop the necessary scientific knowledge and understanding, skills and processes, and values and attitudes embedded in the “Life and Living” strand and other strands of science education. These are necessary for personal development to enable students to contribute towards a scientific and technological world. The curriculum will prepare students for their tertiary studies, vocational training and careers in various fields of life science.


The programme aims to enable students to:


  • Cultivate an interest in biology, maintain curiosity about the wonders of the living world, and develop a sense of respect for living things;
  • Construct and apply knowledge of biology and understand the relationship between biology and other disciplines;
  • Understand the nature of science through contexts related to biology;
  • Develop skills of scientific enquiry, scientific thinking, critical thinking and creativity, and the ability to solve problems in biology independently or collaboratively;
  • Understand and use scientific terms, and to be able to communicate with others on issues related to Biology;
  • Understand the social, economic, environmental, technological and moral-ethical interrelationships through the application of knowledge in biology and to be able to make informed judgements and decisions on issues related to biology;
  • Cultivate an attitude of responsible citizenship and to endeavour to promote personal and community health.