Information and Communication Technology

ICT is the technology required for information processing, i.e. for the creation, manipulation, storage, retrieval and communication of information. They are of immense value in a world of “information explosion”, and where knowledge is complex, ever-changing and cross-disciplinary in nature.


Many of the skills of ICT are important aspects of Information Literacy, which relates to the ability to select, organise, analyse and use information effectively. Quick and effective access to information is regarded as essential for everyone in contemporary society; and the ability to construct knowledge from the information gathered has become cruci al in Hong Kong’s knowledge-based society. Citizens in the 21st century need to understand and be able to use ICT in order to function efficiently in modern society. To maintain the competitiveness of Hong Kong in the world economy, we need to develop interest and nurture talent in our students in this area.


The importance of ICT does not lie in the technology as such, but in its enabling function for access to knowledge and for communication with others. Rapid advances in ICT have continued to drive economic change, restructure businesses, affect education and employment, and contribute significantly to growth and wealth creation.