School Facilities

The government allocated 46,530 square feet of Crown land in ​​Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon as the school site to build a well-equipped government-subsidized secondary school.The school has a total of 22 classrooms and 14 special rooms, including science laboratories, a music room, a visual art room, a home economics room, a geography room, a computer room, an information technology room, a multimedia learning room and a library. There is also a school hall that can accommodate teachers and students of the whole school for assemblies, a basketball court and a covered-playground. In addition, there are also standard facilities such as meeting rooms, a social workers’ room and a counselling room, a parent-teacher room, a teachers’ lounge, and a student activity center. All classrooms, special rooms and the school hall are air-conditioned. LCD projectors are also installed in special rooms and classrooms.